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  • Poem and Realm

    My suicide letter

Before I fall too low let me hand this precious and sad moment into your cares.

My duration are at count and fast ticking but I will be brief to tell you what will hurt in your eyes and peg you on your left cheek.

My falls are my plight and my grievances,

My yester-night are my most victorious time in my life ,

I don’t know if I was actually born to win but I won that one night.

I saw a persuasive reason of hanging like a sleeping bat,
And dying like one convicted of a national crime.

I smiled at this weird and most wishing moment of life,
An argument of declining I gave no attentions to for it has been aeon, I expected this to come.

Now listen, while my old and dim eyes closes in multiple
I have finally failed to accept my failure of affecting life but rather defected others from their glorious days.

I hold the keys to many lives but only few came to seek for it,
I gave them because they conquered my strongholds.
Should I think of bragging about what I never achieved? but they sound beautiful and disappointing.
Perhaps, I may have not gather at right seasons
But I planted when I was freed from laziness, now they grow, who shall harvest?
This was my suicide letter to my success from my failed years


Good morning worshippers

Its nice seeing you putting on the cloak of smile this morning, I must say is a bigger opportunity given to every living souls putting on the canal body { Flesh } thisday.

I have a simple word to share with everyone that will come across this metallic writings, it may not be coordinate but with a mind filled in Gods spirit, it can develop the desire to establish Gods throne in your heart, not minding the cost or the sacrifice you need to take before you could get there.

How strong do you think the wind controls you and tossed you day to day?

But you’ve been going through that without you losing each battles even though you let go of some you never counted serioused or tough to you.

That is Gods divine permission he officially allowed that to take its place, you need not to worry because he has it in control before you coming across it.

In every circumstances there is a tendency to give up life, watch it to its very end. In this case it is you and your fate. I have seen much reason why failure stays, some allow this to take possession of their weakness and denying their possibility of enhancing a  better life.

Be strong my friend Be bold Be courageous Be an achiever of greatness Be a transformer Be a life changer.

In summary

Living a life of an achiever is a big goal net you and I need to aspire, lets deprive that chance of desolation and nonchalant behavior towards the most important thing in life, looking at every thing like the usual way may end you up in a fatal time.


Drivers and passengers

Dear passengers.

In any moment we will be on our journey to our various destination please it’s advice able to put on your seats belt and get your self’s prepared for this journey.

I am the captain of this ship and I request you call me captain for I am your only means but hereafter you can be who you always was.

Passengers, on this journey we shall experience lots of challenges like, Road blocks, cops harassment and the military check point but there is one thing you should know and you must always get ready for is the unusual friends, they may come or not to test our faith and strength but I must tell you that you must be strong.

Everybody has his position to retain in life some preferred their wealth to their name while others preferred their name to their wealth but all leads to one meaning GOOD DEEDS.


What have you invested on? Lives, Business, Education or Political Ambition? You need to know this, the best of your investment should fall on human they are the lasting ones that will never depreciate in its value while you are busy investing on other great substance.

Becoming an helper is better than a big loser to many stakes.

You don’t invest on what will not profit you.

The relevance of our struggles is to survive here on this planet called earth. The gathering of wheats and corns is feed to be feed  by it so we shouldn’t get it over our head or make it a great achievements.

There is a life after death and death after life we shall all give an account to someone greater and an investor to life some days to came.

So my passengers I hope the little article you’ve just seen and read will help you to find one of the major thing in life and to be more achievable than you think.

Here is my last bus stop so you can all get down and continue your journey in life as it suites you.